The Romantic Verses: Parts I, III, VI, VII, IX

21 May

Forgot I wrote these. Might have to try and write a few more.

Part I

To many a maiden, this verse I have quothed.
For the truest love I continue to seek.
A mirage bestowed upon my heart.
A gift of hope, of a life less bleak.

Part III

Our creator, is he, or has he been?
When tossed, I feel, upon the waves.
How can I pledge to one so cruel?
When love, so bruised, can not be saved.

Part VI

Emerald green, the bitter sea.
Drags me hither, to shores forsook.
From whence I came, a riddle perturbed.
When lonesome, I wander, a barron brook.

Part VII

Lavished upon us, life’s wonderous woes.
A diapason of heartbreak, eclectically composed.
Tomorrow I await the relief of repose.
Death can but wait, ’til I’m ready to go.

Part IX

Come hither, sweet hatred,
Let me gaze upon your face.
So twisted and cruel,
Such indifferent distaste.
Be gone, bitter hatred,
For you have naught left to give.
I’ve found tender comfort,
My reason to live.



18 Apr

Forgot I wrote this…apparently things were pretty dark four years ago! But at least I could actually write!

My tourniquet.

My salvation and my incarceration.

My best friend and my worst enemy.

My whole life…and my untimely death.

So here I am.


In my grubby little flat.

Slumped against my grime encrusted sofa.

If you can imagine that.

Needle hanging out my arm.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause alarm.

Surrounded by shit, piss, and used syringes.

My eye lids, swollen and heavy, feel like they’re on hinges.

My eyes glazed over as blood runs out of my nose…

…and drool from my mouth.

A mild overdose. Would that put you off?

Not when you’re so fucked up you can’t even laugh –

at your reflection in the mirror.

When you’re beyond recognition and deliverance.

When you can feel your soul pounding at your temples.

As the parasites work their way through you guts.

When there’s nothing left to vomit, but you still can’t stop.

You can’t help it.

You need it.

The rush.

The numb…………..It’s feeling that makes you hurt.

Then the throbbing wakes you from your coma.

Sweet Beatrice, My Muse

7 Mar

Dripping – the blood drenches my severed throat.

After the ultimate swipe of the blade.

Dying, I slip quickly towards oblivion.

Leaving nothing but a hollow epitaph.

Murder or suicide – it seems now irrelevant.


The comfort of darkness surrounds me.

Like a cocoon made of everything.

Easing me into my gentle and welcome sleep.

No fear, no pain, no longing or lust.

A black hole of heaven within my own personal hell.


Rise again, or continue my eternal slumber?

Rest in peace, or seek out my love?

My Beatrice, my muse, my inspiration.

No more shall I wallow in self pity.

Murder and suicide now seem one and the same.


But find you I will, to quench the burning.

For my heart is a blazing inferno.

Stuck forever in a monotonous purgatory.

And only in your arms will I find paradise.

Only in your eyes will I find peace.


Up hill and down dale, across borders and seas.

Will my never-ending search ever end?

Or am I cursed to walk eternally alone?

In an ethereal haze of shattered dreams.

Trying to cling on to the sands of time.


Am I alone, however, when live through me –

You do within the crevices of ink –

Left behind once my soul I have laid out –

On this white canvass of memories and hope.

Never, until the ink dries and the mind withers.


Bard or barred. My mind speaks, my heart’s shut out.

Only you can set me free, perhaps you will –

One day. One day, maybe is all it will take.

To find you, my sweet Beatrice, and make you fall.

Into my arm, my blazing inferno, my heart.


10 Feb

Midway through this poem about writers block…I got writers block. #gettingannoying



I don’t know why I’m here.
Laying alone in the darkness, cocooned in a shell of self pity and deprecation.
I can’t even take solace in my writing, for the juices of creativity that used to spur me on through past instances of pseudo depressive states, have evaporated in to nothingness.
Something needs to change. I need to change. To start over. Drag myself out of this mundane permanence and fucking do something.
Do what?
Change. Reinvent. Transmogrify.
Throw off the shackles of stagnancy.
Happy or sad, at least I could write.
But it seeps in. Self loathing.
It seeps in, worms its way into my psyche. A malign spirit twisting its way though my veins.

Possibly more to follow…

Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
It just turned midnight,
So Merry Christmas.

It’s early morning, the snow is falling,
I got you with me, so no more stalling.
Got some egg nog, got some sherry,
Got some moonshine, so let’s get tipsy.

The turkey’s cooking, Crosby’s singing.
Hey good looking, I think we’re winning.
So grab a mince pie, unwrap you presents.
And tip a glass to, the guy in heaven.

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
It’s way past midnight,
So Merry Christmas.
I’m sat here waiting,
For Santa’s break in.
I’m pretty wasted,
So Crerry Mistmas.

The family’s coming, they’ll be here shortly,
I guess there’s no time, to get naughty.
I’m feeling festive, I’m feeling frisky.
Come on baby, do something risky.

We’re on the bed now, your kissing me now.
But there’s the door bell, damn, there here now.
I guess we’d better, let them in ’cause,
It’s late December, and it’s merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
It’s almost morning,
So Merry Christmas.
I passed out waiting,
For Santa’s break in.
I guess he beat me,
To Merry Christmas.

Let’s build a snowman, let’s build a snowman.
Before it all melts, let’s build a snowman.
Then we’ll go sledging, we’ll go skating.
We’ll throw some snowballs, there’s fun for making.

The turkey’s all gone, no Christmas songs on.
The family’s stuffed now, soon they’ll be long gone.
The fire’s dying, the sunset’s sighing,
Let’s go upstairs now, no point in trying.

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
It’s almost midnight,
Still Merry Christmas.
I passed out waiting,
For Santa’s break in.
I’ll beat him next year,
To Merry Christmas.


She Was a Fairy-Tale To Me – Demo Recording

15 Nov

My third demo! Thanks again to Hope you like it 🙂

Poppy Covered Field – Lest We Forget

11 Nov

The American Honky Tonk Wannabe Association

Lest We Forget

A blood red blanket.

A poppy covered field.

Memories of the fallen.

The heroes unhealed.

Fighting for freedom.

For hope and for love.

The honour of battle.

The waiting white dove.

Our warriors in green.

And their metal machines.

Evil Axis take cover.

Allied forces intervened.

So raise a glass to the boys.

Who chose to not yield.

Now it’s a blood red blanket.

Our poppy covered fields.

Speaking of war heroes:

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Happy Halloween – Part Two…Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

The American Honky Tonk Wannabe Association


Vampire queen.

Apple bobbing.

And scary dreams.

Trick or treat.

Demons meet.

Nocturnal love.

Ghosts made of sheets.

Monsters march.

In the dark.

Hunt for candy.

Or rip out hearts.

Sugar mice.

And all things nice.

Jack ‘o’ lanterns

Give a fright.

Foggy park.

Teenagers lark.

Drunken antics.

Dance in the dark.

Ripper’s loose.

Hand-held noose.

Try to run.

But there’s no use.

Creeping up.

You better hush.

The axe-man’s here.

You’re out of luck.

Witch’s howl.

Werewolf’s growl.

Time to run.

Get out now.

It’s Halloween.

Hell of a scream.

Don’t close your eyes.

This ain’t no dream.

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The Vampyre – Full Poem

30 Oct

The Vampyre


Canto One: A Gothic Romance


T’was the evening of All-hallows.

The night that demons play.

Thick mist outside my window.

Plays cover to the fae.


Distant memories echo.

Like voices out of sight.

They beckon me to join them.

Into the cold, dark night.


The pull, I can’t escape it.

It draws me forth into –

A land unknown to mortal souls.

A land of wonder anew.


Curiously I follow.

The whisper in the wind.

Until I found myself lost.

To the song my temptress sings.


Reality or dream.

I could not tell you which.

For darkness doth conceal.

The evil demon’s trick.


Waiting in the shadows.

She continues her song.

In a voice of molten velvet.

A voice that urges me on.


Behind her pitch black blanket –

Of night, a girl appeared.

Her beauty, more than beauty.

My fickle heart, it cheered.


A cloak of pure white satin.

Adorned her porcelain skin.

Eyes like a burning sunset.

Pulled me further in.


Approach, I did, with caution.

When her cloak fell to the floor.

Her flawless skin scorched my eyes.

’twas a trick and nothing more.


For one minute she was there.

Then she vanished with the night.

And I crumpled to the ground.

Passed out at once with fright.


My eyes they opened slowly.

And gazing at the sky –

That scorching ball of fire.

Threatened to burn my eyes.


But ’twas not the sun that woke me.

Just her lips upon my arm.

And teeth as sharp as needles.

She told me “just stay calm”.


My blood it flowed quite freely.

From my severed wrist.

The feeling so euphoric.

Is something I’ve since missed.


Move up towards my neck.

She did with hunger and lust.

And in, she sunk her teeth.

And in her I did so trust.


The penetration of my neck –

Continued without hurt.

And penetrate her back –

I did beneath her skirt.


A writhing knot of passion.

We continued without qualm.

Before the ghouls and demons.

Chanting unholy psalms.


When both our lusts were sated.

We lay still for a while.

Then she said “I’ll see you soon”.

And vanished with a smile.


The next day when I woke.

The sunshine through my curtain –

Burnt my tired eyes.

My head did not stop hurting.


I knew, at once, the culprit.

’twas my angel of the night.

My undead queen had saved me.

From my pointless, boring life.


From my bed I at once rose.

To view myself at last.

In the mirror in the corner.

No reflection did I cast.


But my body now felt strong.

My senses sharp and clear.

My hunger needed sating.

With malice and with fear.


For years I’ve stalked the back streets.

Wreaking havoc where I go.

With my bride I call Marisa.

My paragon and hope.


But not all is perfect.

For, hunted, we are too.

Stalked for all our stalking.

We’d be captured soon, I knew.


A morning ten years before –

This day on which I write.

They took us from our caskets.

In daylight, not at night.


Helpless, I was, to stop them.

As they ravaged my sweet queen.

Then tossed me to the scolding floor.

And hung her from her feet.


Crumpled on the ground I lay.

Staring up at my bride.

Her naked body hanging.

My pain I could not hide.


With one last and brutal sweep.

Of the blade held in his hand.

The hunter took off Marisa’s head.

In the fire it did land.


I howled a raging curse.

To those who did me wrong.

“A death to all your families!

A death, not quick, but long!”


In my head I chanted.

An old demonic verse.

Not scripture from the Bible.

But an evil, painful curse.


The earth it cracked beneath me.

And I fell into the ground.

And escape my certain death.

Well, a second time around.


The next ten years they suffered.

Those who defiled my love.

But little did they know.

Her heart had not been touched.


Her burnt and fleshless skull.

I reattached to her spine.

And slowly she came back to me.

And I whispered…

“You’ll always be mine”.


Canto Two – The Necromancer


The day that my Marisa woke.

I looked into her eyes.

I said “Now things are better”.

And took her between her thighs.


Amidst the nocturnal chill.

A fire ignited between us.

Writhing bodies forever entwined.

Forever entwined with lust.


I told her I avenged her.

Put her attackers in the ground.

She uttered something like a sob.

A sweet and gentle sound.


I took her hands within my own.

As we lay side by side.

She kissed me once, kissed me twice.

Our love we could not hide.


So once again we stalked.

Into the shelter of the night.

Frenzied feeding’s often.

The thrill of futile fights.


When one night I came across.

A man dressed all in white.

His hand he offered to me.

His name, he said, was “Sight”.


He foretold me of the day.

When our time would all but end.

The underworld will unite.

This time our bodies won’t mend.


To him I said “What are you?”

What’s the meaning of all this?”

His answer came quite wordless.

As he opened up his wrist.


Take my blood this instant.

And in it you shall see.

One way, and one way only.

To foil this prophesy”.


I did so, as instructed.

And, willingly, from his arm.

I drank until a vision.

Made me recoil with alarm.


A thousand blades were thrashing.

Smiling a twisted grimace.

Blood shed from every angle.

Fear upon Marisa’s face.


But within this bloody battle.

Sight” I did doth find.

And show me what I need.

To keep us both alive.


Why show me all this, wizard?

Why fear me not, as others do?

Why allow my carnage?

At least give me a clue.”


It’s not for you I do this.

But, indeed, just for your bride.

She is this dark land’s saviour.

Keep her safely by your side.”


With that dear “Sight” did vanish.

In wisps of pure white air.

But the necromancer’s words.

I could still quite clearly hear.


Provoke them into battle.

Until surrounded you both are.

Then unleash hell upon them.

Your actions will reach far.”


I told Marisa of.

My meeting with the witch.

She agreed what must be done.

To keep our lives full and rich.


So that night we attended.

The bloody dance of death.

Bodies strewn across the floor.

In a delicious pulpy mess.


I presented sweet Marisa.

With a young and luscious gift.

A girl of maybe sixteen.

A treat she could not resist.


I eased the girl down to the floor.

Marisa could not help but test.

The sweet and viscous nectar.

As she bit down on ample breast.


She drank until delirious.

Her lust satisfied by blood.

The girl she’d sucked and ravaged.

We buried deep within the mud.


We rampaged through the country.

No care for human soul.

Spilling blood by the gallon.

Recklessness taking its toll.


Take comfort in the knowledge.

If attacked we were quite safe.

For our hearts, you see, we hid.

From a poking, prodding stake.


The buxom wench with which.

Marisa frolicked in the gore.

Our hearts we buried with her.

That poor unwilling whore.


So when they came to find us.

The pitiful group of boys.

They hacked and hacked for hours.

With their sharpened little toys.


But rise again we did.

Each time they thought they’d won.

Laughing at their attempts –

To end us, was quite fun.


More came to join the fight.

More blood was spilled that day.

More blood to make us stronger.

More bodies hung and flayed.


Priests and pastors battled.

To exorcise our souls.

Their throats we did rip open.

To quash their futile goal.


When finally the gave up.

The men who sought us harm.

I held Marisa to me.

Took her firm within my arms.


Congratulations!” Came –

The voice I knew quite well.

Sight” appeared behind us.

Delirious, I could tell.


This world will now be ours.

Now that the battle’s won.”

He moved towards Marisa.

His eyes like shining sun’s.


I put myself between them.

The threat indeed apparent.

With a twisted grin he pointed.

His motives now aberrant.


Marisa’s piercing scream.

Shattered all my senses.

As beneath the ground she fell.

My pain far too intense.


Together we will rule.

The growing underworld.

And you, my dear old friend.

Will rot here on your own.”


Sight, you’ll not succeed!

I’ll get my princess back!

And you, my dear old warlock!

Should prepare for my attack.


With one last evil chuckle.

Sight” vanished with the air.

And to my knees I fell.

My life in disrepair.


But in my head I heard her.

Whispering my name.

Save me from this monster.

This never-ending pain.”


I screamed a silent vow.

To bring her safely home.

A plan hatching in my head.

To put Sight to the test.


Canto Three: Marisa’s Interlude


I fell, it seemed, for days.
Through the earth’s gaping hole.
When finally I landed.
In a place full of damned souls.

“Welcome dear Marisa.”
Came the booming evil voice.
“Come join me in my quarters.”
My eye’s, I felt, were moist.

“Don’t cry, poor old vampire.
For I do not wish you harm.
It’s the boy I seek to capture.
His soul I wish to farm.”

My mind filled with confusion.
His soul was already lost.
When I turned sweet young Michael.
In to the demon I so loved.

Sight, he seemed to sense this.
And flashed a heinous grin.
“I’ve made a deal with the Devil.
To amend for all my sin.”

“A trap, I’ve laid, for Michael.
That I could not achieve.
Without this bait before me.
Which is why you can not leave.”

I knew one day he’d come.
My hero of the night.
To save me from this horror.
The monster we call Sight.

He threw me in a dungeon.
And sealed it with spells.
Not simple vampiric magic.
But enchantments straight from hell.

“You’ll stay here until he comes.
On his futile quest.
To free you from my clutches.
An unachievable test.”

I slumped into the corner.
Buried my head in my hands.
And sent out a silent prayer.
To keep Michael from this land.

How long I could not tell you.
I was kept within this tomb.
As a play thing for these monsters.
I wished daily for their doom.

Day-time I stayed curled up.
Tightly within myself.
Glad for now it was over.
Knowing it won’t help.

I woke up with a start.
At the clattering of keys.
My once locked door was open.
My first thought was “a dream?”

The door was once more locked.
But my visitor remained.
A smile on his kind face.
My fear, for now, had waned.

The young man came to see me.
To bring to me sustenance.
I felt his eyes upon me.
I finally saw my chance.

I asked him for his name.
He told me “It’s François”.
I brushed his lips with my own.
And placed my hand upon his heart.

I let my clothing drop.
The boy stared at me in awe.
And hungrily I took him.
As we lay down on the floor.

I felt his desire burst.
As he panted in my ear.
I took my chance right then.
His eyes widened with fear.

I bit down on his neck.
And pulled with all my might.
His severed gullet gushed.
A perverse, erotic sight.

From his coat I took the key.
To free me from this cage.
I gathered up my clothing.
And quickly I made haste.

But I did not get too far.
For Sight had seen this pass.
And waiting for me he was.
My freedom did not last.

“Did you think I would not see this?
You silly little tramp.
I see all there is to see.
I shan’t be tricked by a vamp.”

I screamed a vicious “fuck you!”
And lunged towards my guard.
He dodged me with simple ease.
And drove a stake in hard.

I cried out in sheer agony.
And clutched my bleeding chest.
Through the right side he had thrust.
Though it didn’t hurt much less.

“Stay here and rot forever.
I care not if you become –
A rotting corpse of bones.
You’re demise will be quite fun”

He threw me back into the cage.
And laughed as he kept my clothes.
“I think I’ll take these with me.
You’ll not need them, I suppose.”

With that, they descended.
A group of maybe twelve.
All ready to enjoy me.
In my chalice they would delve.

When all of a sudden.
An explosion rocked the room.
A cloud of dust surrounded.
The dank and misty tomb.

When the debris had settled.
And the shouts and screams had stopped.
I looked around and saw that –
Those dozen bodies had dropped.

In pools of blood they lay.
Whilst Sight just stood, aghast.
And across from him I saw.
My prince had come at last.

“I’ve come to put and end –
To you, you fool, dear Sight.
Let Marisa play no part.
For I’m ready for our fight.”

Sight smiled and spread his arms.
And said “Welcome to my home.”
I was counting on this meeting.
I knew you’d not leave her alone.

Michael took me in his arms.
I said “You must leave here.
For whatever comes next.
Is what we have to fear.”

And just like that he fell.
Just crumbled to the floor.
Sight cackled like a raven.
And said “It’s show-time, whore”.


Canto Four: The Lord of Underland


Deep within the mountains.

Many centuries ago.

Was born a man called Michael.
Our saviour we now know.

Born of what, you’ll find.
Is not what you may think.
Not demon, man, or monster.
His name ne’er writ in ink.

Travelling through worlds.
Keeping peace where he did go.
Friends he made along the way.
Many enemies also.

One beast in particular.
Took an interest in this man.
T’was the beast called Lucifer.
The Lord of Underland.

Scrutinise our hero.
Curiously, he did so.
Waiting for the right time.
To lure in his foe.

Until that time he left –
Young Michael to his task.
Of ridding worlds of evil.
And those of beguiling masks.

One day he found a young boy.
Crying by the river’s mouth.
He asked “Dear boy, what’s wrong?”
His hand, trembling, pointed south.

Michael led the way.
The boy followed close behind.
Anxiety building up.
Afraid of what he’ll find.

When they came across.
A clearing in the trees.
The sight of the burnt village.
Brought him to his knees.

Houses were not but ashes.
Cattle smouldered at their sides.
All the strong men were murdered.
Old women cast aside.

The boy said with a quiver.
“They took the girls and boys.
But some they used and left here.
To burn after they’d enjoyed.”

He was about to turn and run.
Make haste to find the men.
Who’s killings could not happen.
To anyone again.

When a sound like a whimper.
Caught softly in the breeze.
Among the rubble he found.
A girl of maybe thirteen.

Her clothes were torn and bloody.
Her skin, more of the same.
Her eyes were scared and wild.
He thought, perhaps, insane.

You must run and leave here.
Before it is too late.”
Her voice barely a whisper.
As she predicted his fate.

They’ll come and they’ll lay blame – 
On you for all this blood.
Reason shalln’t prevail.
They’ll bury you in mud.”

She must be delirious.
Being left in such a mess.
He began to remove her clothes.
To heal her wounded flesh.

The shout came almost instant.
“The monster! ‘Tis still here!”
And soon he was surrounded.
By men with knives and spears.

His protested innocence.
Went utterly unheard.
They beat him until broken.
And left him in the dirt.

Finally they left.
With a vicious “Be back soon.”
With plans, he was quite sure.
Would surely seal his doom.

The girl, he saw get up.
Onto once disfigured legs.
Which like all of her lesions.
Had no scars like all the rest.

She sat down beside Michael.
Placed her hand upon his face.
And softly she whispered.
‘I’ll return for you someday”.

Then her face began to age.
Into something quite beautiful.
The young girl, a mere disguise.
To trick those silly fools.

And with a flash she vanished.
Into the cool, crisp air.
In her place stood another.
His grotesque body bare.

Michael, I’ve been watching.
All the good that you have done.
It doesn’t look too likely.
You’ll survive this battle, son.”

Now, some folk call me Satan.
Or Lucifer, if you like.
I can save you from those men.
Of course, they’ll be a price.”

That sweet young thing that left you.
A product of my fire.
The kindest of all my children.
There is love in that vampire.”

If you accept my help.
You’ll be with her one fine day.
Though be under no illusions.
You’ll have to fight for her, ok?”

I may have a bad rep.
Some people think I’m cruel.
But I’ve known love and pain.
I’m anything but a ghoul.”

I’m the man who can grant wishes.
If you’ll give me a chance.
I can give you love and life.
For I’m the Lord of Underland.”

But there is one more thing.
That you should know before.
Granted, you’ll forget.
Until you break down his door.”

There is a man called Sight.
A demon worse than me.
Not stronger, but pure evil.
And we’ve made a deal, see.”

I’ll give this new life.
Then deliver you to Sight.
But I’ll make you a promise.
To help you win your fight.”

And so it was agreed.
Michael took the deal.
And awoke he did again.
In a time far from that field.



Canto Five – Final Showdown

For many days I wandered.
Since my wrenching loss.
Gathering an army.
Of which you’d dare not cross.

Warriors and witches.
And some demonic souls.
All joined together, with me.
All with a single goal.

To stop Sight and his people.
To bring back my dearest bride.
To be with me forever.
To stay close by my side.

But our journey’d not be easy.
Nor would it be too quick.
For Sight, I know would try.
To fool us with his tricks.

A gateway was the key.
To find the warlocks lair.
But much blood would be shed.
Before we made it there.

In my mind I saw her.
Every time I slept.
And on my lips I felt her.
Every time I wept.

In taverns we asked questions.
And received soldiers anew.
And my comrades they enjoyed.
A frolic or two.

But ne’er did they forget.
Their mission and their fight.
To stop the rising evil.
That would surely end all life.

Then one day we came across.
Through a clearing in the trees.
A place, I thought, I knew.
A village brought to its knees.

A memory attacked me.
From very long ago.
The young girl, I remembered.
Her body battered so.

No longer was there carnage.
No blood soaked into the mud.
No young and ravaged maidens.
No men turned into dust.

“We must leave here now.
Lest we bring to them.
More pain and more sorrow.
Like the past forsaken.”

But spotted we soon were.
Before our chance to part.
And descend on us they did.
Those men of noble heart.

“What business have you here.
You group of unlikely friends?
This is a place of peace.
We will fight and we’ll defend.”

“We mean you’re clan no harm.
We’re merely passing through.
A mission, we’re all on.
We have no gripe with you.”

Out the corner of my eye.
I saw one of my group.
A vampire like me.
Move towards their troupe.

It happened in an instant.
The shouting and the blood.
Blades and stakes were swinging.
Bodies trampled in the mud.

I shouted “Cease this madness!”
We’ll have no more death.
This must be Sight’s doing.
Putting us to the test.”

The man said “We know that name.
His promises are false.
If what you say is true.
We’ll help you above all else.

The vampire who attacked.
We cast out of our group.
And continued forth until.
We found something quite gruesome.

My shock it almost killed me.
At the sight of some poor maid.
Her still beautiful body.
Impaled on a stake.

Not through the heart, however.
But mouth up to her groin.
I thought only of one.
Able of such a crime.

Her body looked quite queer.
Hung in such a way.
We cut her down with haste.
And buried her in the clay.

We must be close, I thought.
For Sight to perform.
Such a vile, heinous act.
To scare us or to warn.

Proceed, we did, with caution.
Until we found a door.
Not entrance to a building.
But a solid stone wall.

I touched my hand on to.
The cold, abrasive stone.
And Marisa, I could feel her.
Scared and all alone.

I summoned forth the witch.
With whom we’d travelled far.
A spell he soon begun.
To gain entrance to the lair.

Minutes turned to hours.
As he worked in a trance.
When finally an explosion.
Ended dear Sight’s stance.

We charged into the tomb.
Spilling blood by the tonne.
Not a single demon stood.
By the time that we had done.

When the debris had settled.
And the shouts and screams had stopped.
I looked around with a grin.
At the bodies that had dropped.

In pools of blood they lay.
Whilst Sight just stood, aghast.
And next to him I saw.
My Marisa at long last.

“I’ve come to put and end –
To you, you fool, dear Sight.
Let Marisa play no part.
For I’m ready for our fight.”

Sight smiled and spread his arms.
And said “Welcome to my home.”
I was counting on this meeting.
I knew you’d not leave her alone.

I took Marisa in my arms.
She said “You must leave here.
For whatever comes next.
Is what we have to fear.”

And just like that I fell.
Just crumbled to the floor.
Sight cackled like a raven.
And said “It’s show-time, whore”.

But as the pain coursed through me.
I felt something start to flow.
A power kept well hidden.
Since a meeting long ago.

And rise I did to meet.
Sight’s confused and fearful eyes.
“Impossible” his voice quivered.
As I prepared for his demise.

“I’m sorry Sight, it’s over.
You cannot win this fight.
You days are all but numbered.
It’s the end of your foul blight.”

“I’m afraid I’ve come to realise.
And I know it to be true.
I am the Lord of Underland.
Dear Sight, I’m done with you.”

I kissed Marisa’s lips.
And we vanquished him with ease.
Sight’s evil reign was over.
T’was and end to his disease.


So with that our lives went on.
Without a single hitch.
The Underland was safe.
Since the taming of that witch.

United were all demon’s.
All men and warlocks too.
Harmony prevailed.
In all but a fair few.

And as for our friend Sight.
He was kept well away.
Deep within the pages.
Of a spell book he did lay.

Never to return.
From his eternal pyre.
Never to forget.
The day he crossed The Vampyre.


Be My Fire

23 Sep

Haven’t written in about two months so here’s an oldie.


If I asked you now,
Would you stay here with me?
And share some wine,
Even if for the last time.
Will you take my hand,
And follow me in to,
The burning fire,
My sweet desire.

If I kissed you now,
Would you run for the hills?
Or lay your weapons down,
And turn back around.
If I took your hand,
And said follow me.
Would you be my fire,
My burning desire.

Be my fire. Melt down my shackles.
Be my fire. Burn through the night.
My sweet fire. Caress me with ashes.
Be my fire. My guiding light.

If they tracked me down.
And bound me in chains.
Would you stick around.
Once the sirens sound.
If I reached for your hand.
And said follow me.
Would you burn like fire.
Consumed by desire.

Be my fire. Melt down my shackles.
Be my fire. Burn through the night.
My sweet fire. Caress me with ashes.
Be my fire. My guiding light.

Now the dawn has come,
The battle has ceased.
The blood has dried,
On the earth beneath.
I’ll march with you,
Until we reach.
Our cleansing fire,
Our final desire.

Be my fire. Melt down my shackles.
Be my fire. Burn through the night.
My sweet fire. Caress me with ashes.
Be my fire. My guiding light.

Be my fire. I can feel my heart melting.
Be my fire. Caress my fragile skin.
My sweet fire. Guide me through the darkness.
Be my fire. My guiding light.